The Beginning

Well finally after googling a bunch of videos and articles on wordpress, I was able to set up my food blog. It actually wasn’t that bad now that I look back at the process. However, rest assured you’re still going to see a lot of updates coming through and more content being posted online with more frequency. Speaking of frequency let’s just lay that out there; while I would love to post one recipe/adventure every other day the expectation to do that would make me start hating this new hobby. I will at least try my very best to post at least once a week as it does take time to take pictures, edit them, write, edit that, and publish each item.

So what got me interested in starting a food blog? I would say the basic answer is having fun adventures with friends and eating delicious food. I currently work full time as an accountant, but I wanted to explore a new hobby with cooking. For a long time I wanted to open a restaurant, but at I realized it costs a lot of money, most fail, and you would be glued to the place 24/7. Im sure that you could make it, but to me I thought the best way to dip my toes in the water was to start a food blog about my adventures and recipes that I try. I will also spotlight other awesome blogs/chefs that have a fantastic dish. By starting a food blog on the side ,I can still have my awesome job and dabble in my favorite past time. Which I hope also motivates you to try something that you have always been telling yourself to try but you haven’t. Life is Short!

Now the main point to this whole post…. what do I plan to accomplish with this blog and what its purpose is. Complex question, but it’s very simple I wanted to create a forum in which anyone can feel comfortable trying a new recipe or feel as if you’re on a food excursion. Im not too extravagant or anything, but I want it to be fun and welcoming. I will try my best to help you get to know your ingredients, oils, and spices better so that when your family is over you can impress them with a great recipe. It’ll be all about the learning experience and trying new tips and tricks to enhance the culinary experience.

Finally there’s a little more you need to learn about me to really understand this blog. First off I tend to be a very happy person and I love my life right now. Its busy, but its great because it keeps me productive and feel like I accomplish something each night (which is very key to happiness in my opinion). I have a lot of great friends and I couldn’t tell how many memories have been shared. Im engaged to a beautiful lady who is just spectacular. Being surrounded with good group of people makes it easier when you’re going through tough times, and even better when you’re all having fun.

One interesting fact is that I was born in Guanajuato Mexico. Which really influences my cooking and my palate. For most people the hottest salsa is too much, but I might just drink it. I love spicy foods and I love homemade food. Growing up I was blessed to have my mother alway whip something amazing after she got home from work (even though she was exhausted). My parents have always been hard workers who sacrificed so much for myself and my sisters. I learned everything I could from them before I moved to Omaha for college. There I met some amazing friends and my fiancée. Since then everything has been great. As for some hobbies, I love to travel, watch movies, and of course yummy food.

My Amazing Parents

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