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As you may already know, I have recently been all about eating healthier and getting your exercise in. However, in addition to that I have joined team supplements after listening to multiple podcast and reading many different articles regarding health benefits. Now at first you might be thinking that I am talking about taking testosterone boosters or the new hyped supplement for weight loss, but I am actually talking about vitamins and minerals.

Sure there are some vitamins and minerals that you can get from your daily food intake, but there are some that are more difficult to get based off your diet. For example, some people don’t really eat seafood or fish very often, so I am sure you are missing out on those good Omega-3s; or for example, if you’re not getting outside on a daily basis and drinking lots of milk, you are probably vitamin D deficient. However, don’t worry it’s not too late to start and change your lifestyle. I might add that I am not licensed Dr. or nutritionist, but I will give tell why I got into taking my vitamins and why they are important. Make sure that you do your own research and consult with your physician for maximum benefits and potential side effects.

About six months ago, I was listening to the Joe Rogan Podcast and there was a nutritionist (that had her Phd) that was speaking and talking about why it was so important to take certain vitamins. She explained that many people think that taking vitamins or supplements will not help your overall health and that most of it will be extracted when you use the restroom. However, she went on to say that the basis of this started off from an incorrect study that was published. When she reviewed the journal she found that they tried to prove their hypothesis that humans will not reap benefits from taking supplements or reverse cognitive decline, but they failed to include that these test subjects were actually about to die. They all had underlying health conditions, were elderly and were pretty much in hospice care. The main reason you want to take vitamins and supplements is to help in the long run, and not when you’re already in a bad state or dying as it won’t do any good. The main thing is that by starting early and in good health you will reap more of the benefits of taking these supplements.

Of course, after listening to that podcast I was hooked, so I listened to other podcast that she appeared on the Joe Rogan Show (total of 6), and then I also started to follow her personal podcast (called I also read up on all her claims and they proved to be true. So after doing a lot of reading and listening to hours of podcasts on nutrition I started my journey on getting the items I needed.

Based on her talks the first supplement that I decided to get was some Vitamin D3. Then of course I got my normal multivitamin, and then my Omega 3, Zinc , and finally Magnesium. Why did I get all these you my ask, well here’s the answer. The Vitamin D3 supports nerve and brain health, regulates insulin levels and diabetes management, helps with regulating cardiovascular system and lungs, and finally influences the expression of genes in cancer development. The Omega 3 is really good for lowering blood pressure, slows the development of plaque in the arteries, reduces the chance of stroke, and helps regulate heart beat. Zinc has been proven to help with strengthening the immune system which is necessary currently with the COVID crisis and it also helps with your metabolism function. Magnesium actually helps with so many things and is the one that surprised me the most. It helps with the regulation of thousands of biochemical reactions, it boosts exercise performance, helps fight depression, has benefits against developing type 2 diabetes, has anti inflammatory properties, reduces insulin resistance, reduces migraines, and can also help to lower blood pressure. As you can all of these have amazing health benefits, so you might be asking why you haven’t heard about these before. I had the same thought. Like I said previously most people believe that by having your normal meals you’ll be able to get all these vitamins and minerals, however, in actuality it can be very tough unless you perfectly plan out your meals. So instead I spend a few more dollars and make sure I have my daily recommended amounts.

The main thing about these supplements as Dr. Rhonda Patrick says is that you need to start taking them now so that you body has the benefit of time. Don’t be like the people in the studies and wait to be suffering from underlying health issues to start taking these supplements. I will say that after starting this regiment I have a lot ton of energy, I feel much more alert, and then the magnesium really helps with my digestive system regulation. Don’t just take my word for it though, please read on these topics and make sure that you check out Dr. Rhonda Patrick who has been a blessing in my journey to a healthier and wholesome lifestyle.

Check her stuff out on the following website:

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