Weekend Adventures

This weekend was a blast. In addition to hanging out with some of my friends I also did some really fun activities. After work on Friday, I headed to the driving range and met up with my friend Ana and Andrew. We hit some balls and caught up with each other regarding each of our weeks. I always find this time to be a blessing to talk about what’s been bothering you, what you have coming up, and even future plans. While we were finishing up, of course, we were starting to crave some margaritas. So we conjured up a plan to get our other friend Vikky to come out with us and try out the new Switch in Blackstone District. I really wanted them to try it because they have an Infusion Brewery and about six other restaurants inside; that way everyone can eat whatever their heart desires.

If you live in Omaha it’s a must try. When we first arrived they were all impressed at how many food options there was and how busy it was. I had already been twice that week because when something new opens up I need to try it and write a yelp review. We eventually decided to get Red Lantern (the Vietnamese restaurant) and Arepon (the Venezuelan restaurant). I got a Bahn mi and then I also got the Llanera arepa. My friends got the Pho, the Bahn Mi, and springs rolls. In addition to our food we got some beers at Infusion; I got the Blood Orange and the IPA they had on special for only $3. Our friend Ana decided to surprise us by getting multiple desserts at the Bubbly Tart, and let me tell you they were all so amazing. Even our friend Mariel, (who had just joined us) who bakes regularly, was in love. I would highly recommend trying the drinks and all the delicious food at the Switch.

The next day I met up with a couple of other friends to golf at Milts in Ralston. I’ve only been golfing a few times, and our buddy Brandon had never golfed before so it was going to be fun time. I enjoy playing with people that are still learning because if you play with folks that are really great, they can get pretty competitive or even annoyed if you keep messing up. However, golfing with Michaela and Brandon was a blast. We made a bet that whoever lost the most holes had to actually buy shots afterwards. Somehow Brandon and I tied, so either I really sucked or he had some beginners luck. After the game, we went to Varsity’s and enjoyed our shots and some buffalo wings.

Once I got a nap in, I then headed to my other friends house because he had been smoking a pork butt and some brisket. I think I timed it right, because as I walked in the brisket was just being unwrapped. Now I know some people don’t like brisket, but I love it. I quickly grabbed two pieces of white bread and Famous Daves Devils spit and made myself a sandwich. It was delightful. After a couple hours, the pork butt was finished so I then had a couple sandwiches of that and some coleslaw and potatoes salad. Any time I have BBQ it just makes me smile. For my cheat day it was perfect; I always say that you gotta treat yourself.

On Sunday I went to visit my parents because I had not visited them in a couple weeks. Every time I get to visit them we always have amazing food. As I walked in, she already had a Chile con Huevo (egg) going and had fresh beans that had been cooked. My dad was just seasoning some steaks that they had bought the day before. I could already tell it was going to be an amazing meal. I helped cook the steaks because they were about 1.5 inches thick and they wanted to make sure they were done right. Normally they get that really thin steak for carne asada so they’re not used to cooking that kind of thickness. After 10 minutes, the steaks were ready and it was time to enjoy. We plated our food and then sat on the patio enjoying the weather and catching up. I really appreciate this time as some people don’t have their parents around or the greatest relationship with them so I am lucky in that way. They always give me great advise and they’re always making sure that everything is going okay in my life. I love them and I love to visit them because not only do they always make delicious food, but I really enjoy being around my family.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!



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